Discovering and Exploring the Leaf-feeding Insects in Our Region

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Defoliators

What's Eating My Plants
Identify the Source of Leaf Damage - by Plant Type

Start here if know the kind of plant being eaten. Each page has images of the various types of defoliation common to that plant and a list of the species which can cause that type of defoliation. Each species is color-coded by its status: native, established exotic, or newly introduced.

If you don't know what kind of plant it is, click here.

Select a plant from this list to see what leaf-feeders are in our area.

cherry and plum
poplar (cottonwood), birch, and willow
conifer (pine, cedar, fir, or other evergreen)
vegetable (garden plants)
blueberries, grapes and berry vines (raspberry and others)
ornamental trees or shrubs (includes viburnums, laurels, and many other landscape plants)
native trees and shrubs (cascara, filbert, and others)

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